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Aug 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
into a bar. this time, just after midnight in scott, louisiana, police were called to a nightclub where a man was riding his horse inside the bar. police say jeremy luten got drunk. and unloaded his horse from a trailer in the parking lot. and then, rode it past the fake horse out front and into the building. when a guy in the bar took the horse outside, that's where he allegedly roped the man with a lasso and started dragging him around. he is in jail on multiple charges, including felony horsing around. we'll be right back with sports. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good! >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman of the sportsnet newsroom. jared vel deer will u
Aug 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
on camera. video f a massive sink hole in louisiana swallowing trees in a matter of seconds. this is not special effects. the real thing. the sink hole formed last summer and grows in size through insurances of activities known as burps. this particular burp was filmed by city officials. >> we've been closely tracking the smoky conditions near yosemite. that fire continues to grow and down to 1% containment, jeff. >> not great news and the thing is fire conditions when it comes to weather, you know, are not as bad as they could be. what we did is keyed up the satellite loop to show you how far the smoke is traveling and right now by all indications, some smoke plumes traveling at least 200 miles to the north into nevada. if you're heading to lake tahoe, do expect areas of smoke. we don't think smoke will be traveling to the bay area. we'll keep an eye on that. the big thing right now, temperatures continuing to cool off. a little chilly in the north bay. 55 in santa rosa and 58 in napa. losing some humidity in the atmosphere, which is making it feel colder outside, that appa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2